Cable Assembly

-Ten Shiang Technology is Taiwan Professional Cable Assembly Company

Ten Shiang Technology founded in 1992, manufactures a wide range of custom cable assembly and harnesses to meet your needs. Our quality control system and commitment to service is the key reason for our growth in such a short period. Our design team allows us to address issues that affect the ultimate cost, delivery, performance and quality of an cable assembly.

The end result is an integrated solution with significant reduction in lead times and most importantly a quality cable assembly products. We have the most recent and the-state-of-art equipments from manufactures such as Molex, AMP and JST…etc. These manufacturers are the leaders in the field of cable harnessing and assemblies which help put us at the forefront as a manufacturer and at the leading edge of technology, this ensures that we can offer a complete line of quality manufactured cable assembly and harness assembly products. This manufacturing offers a one stop shop approach to your cabling needs.

* Molex, AMP and JST are registered trade marks.