Cable Assemblies

-Ten Shiang Technology Offers a Variety of Serial Cable Assemblies

Ten Shiang Technology, TST, established in 1992, has been dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of wires, wiring harnesses, and cables. To improve quality and advance efficiency, TST has transformed from traditional production line with high labor content to new manufacture assembly with complete automatic equipment. To satisfy our clients’ needs, TST has been focusing on innovating production SOP and developing new jigs and models to provide customized products adapting the most strict quality control standard.

The fast growth of TST relies on the support from worldwide industrial customers with high retention rate. The key success factors of the TST are our consistent pursuit of quality, attention to details, and professional knowledge.


TST specializes on assembly processing wires and connectors, such as Molex, AMP, JST, HRS, TYCO, and etc with the latest technology, skills, and equipments. With innovation, TST makes great effort to advance and lead the wiring manufacturing industry. Moreover, To approach our corporate social responsibility, TST is proud to commit to be an ECO-friendly company by following the most strict safety regulations and obtaining all related environmental certification. Meanwhile, TST hopes to make the world greener and to reduce carbon emission as our mission.

Cable Assemblies-Ten Shiang Technology Offers a Variety of Serial Cable Assemblies