HDMI Cable

-Ten Shiang Technology Offers All Kinds of HDMI Cable from Taiwan

TST’s HDMI cable are specifically designed for High Definition application. We offer durable high quality HDMI cable that are compatible with all HDTV devices and support format up to 1080p. 


We carry a complete range of HDMI cable and HDMI™ to DVI converter cables. 

High Definition Multimedia Interfaces are available as HDMI™-to-HDMI™ assemblies, as well as HDMI™-to-DVI assemblies

HDMI cable (1080p HDMI 1.3)

Various cable lengths

Customized for specific applications

HDMI™ to DVI Converter Cables


Ten Shaing Technology recommends HDMI cable for superior Audio/Video connections.


HDMI™, the HDMI logo is registered trademark of HDMI Licensing LLC.

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